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multi-linguist collaborator

As a professionally trained creative problem-solver, I believe Design can save the world. But, I don't think Design can do it alone.

I strive to learn the language of other roles and disciplines to engage with shared understanding toward mutual success.

Key Capabilities


Understanding behaviors, relationships, and ecosystems of consumers, customers, frontline staff, and stakeholders for a foundation for action.


Converting user research into actionable insight, identifying opportunities, reframing problems, and developing viable plans based on desired outcomes.


Generating, visualizing, prototyping, and validating concepts, from planning, ideation, and implementation phases to ensure business success.

Applying best-practice approaches to constantly gather concept input, feedback, and validation from project beginning to end for reduced risk and rapidly achieve results.

Iterative Development

Expertise and Training

Design Thinking | Scrum Agile (SAFe Certified) | Lean Start-up | Google Sprint | Growth Hacking

Core Disciplines

Service Design

Defining desired experiences across multiple touchpoints and overtime (the what) based on customer or user need, and the necessary people, process, and tools (the how) to deliver those experiences.

Business Innovation

Developing solutions for a given opportunity starting from problem-solution fit to product-market fit to launch to scale, while continuously ensuring desirability, viability, and feasibility of solution.

Design Management

Facilitating a creative-problem solving approach within organizations and program teams to address complex and highly ambiguous problem spaces.  

Integrating technology, services, and business models to drive value creation, with value ideally measured according to the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Sustainable Design

Expertise and Training

Social Innovation | Circular Economy | Natural Capitalism | Systems Thinking

Engagement Models

Subject Matter Expert

Augmenting cross-functional or Design teams with additional capability and discipline-specific experience.

Initiative Leader

Partnering to launch strategic programs that will then be transitioned to sustaining organization and supporting at-risk projects as-needed to achieve improved performance metrics.

Change Agent

Supporting teams, programs, and businesses groups to increase customer-centricity, rapidly iterate, and move from selling products to delivering services.

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